Presentation Skills Courses

For 20 years, we have specialised in providing presentation skills training and coaching for a variety of industry sectors including professional services. We concentrate on providing the essential skill of communicating effectively with clients to enhance competitive advantage.

What does the course deliver ?

Our regular clients such as KPMG, Lloyds TSB, Wragge & Co., McGrigors, Carillion plc, Hays plc and Balfour Beatty recognise that the ability to deliver an effective verbal presentation is now a standard requirement in professional business life. We need to present to win work, report back to clients and gain exposure in the business community. Presenting is also a powerful internal tool, in gaining commitment to organisational changes or initiatives.

Through intensive and fast moving workshops, we show delegates how to focus their presentations on the needs of the audience, structure their material for easy comprehension and deliver their messages with impact in an interesting and memorable way – all without using the ‘obligatory’ 101 slides!

The advantages of our approach are proven and include...

  • A competitive edge in proposal presentations to pitch for new work.
  • Client seminars that generate new work.
  • Internal presentations that motivate staff and achieve an objective.
  • Clear and succinct communication in meetings cutting time costs.


It takes 2 days of intensive training and practice to fully realise an individuals presenting potential – fact!

We also provide individual coaching support for speakers/teams at proposal presentations, client seminars and conferences.


Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop

Key Question Answer
Objectives To enable participants to make interesting, memorable and persuasive presentations that achieve their objective.
Who will benefit? All staff who have to make stand-up presentations or communicate with groups of people.
Key topics covered Focusing messages on the needs of the audience. Structuring key messages for easy comprehension. Creating a positive impact. Developing your own presenting style and projecting your personality. Using visual aids effectively. Controlling nerves.
Workshop format The workshop is highly participative. Participants deliver a number of presentations. Full individual feedback (with DVD evidence) is given by the workshop leader and participants.
Duration 2 days residential. This is a very intensive course. Participants need to work on their presentations overnight.
Pre-course work Participants to prepare a 10 minute business presentation prior to attending the workshop.
Number of delegates 6 Maximum.
Costs £4000 per course

Fees include unlimited telephone support for each delegate for a period of 6 months. All fees subject to VAT.