On-line learning with Malloney Associates.

Our on-line courses replicate instructor led training and provide soft skills coaching when and where you need it. Instant access to individual courses allows for just-in-time training and our annual subscription service allows you to make all programmes available to your staff, 24/7, for a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional training courses. Just click on Start Learning and select your course !

How does on-line learning deliver benefit ?

On-line learning is instant, highly cost effective and cuts out all extraneous time commitments.

Each video facilitates skills acquisition in a logical, step-by-step process; through a series of 38 (maximum 15-minute duration) videos that replicate instructor-led coaching and provide the following benefits...

  • Try before you buy. Take advantage of our free 7-day trial for up to 5 users.
  • Can be accessed at any location with Internet access, as and when required. This allows for ‘just in time’ coaching, enabling the skills to be practiced in the real world before they are forgotten.
  • Streaming videos can be played again and again; users can re-watch a course, or elements of it, to remind them of specific learning points.
  • Streaming video removes travel and accommodation time, cost and carbon footprint.
  • Home or satellite based staff have the same access to coaching as office based staff.
  • Downloadable course notes provide a physical reminder of course content.
  • Users can Email questions to the trainer and receive a reply within 24 hours or access a FAQ page.
  • Encourages out-of-hours learning.
  • Any subsequent face-to-face training or coaching can be targeted at a more advanced level
  • Reduces administration costs by automatically generating full individual training records via our Learning Management System that can be accessed by the user or company administrator at any time.
  • Ideal for those who are too busy, or not inclined, to attend traditional courses
  • Allows for manager-led group training sessions to help delegates apply the skills to their own specific circumstances.
  • Users do not have to view the whole course. They can view only the videos relevant to their needs.


Your annual subscription gives unlimited access to coaching in the following skills...


On-line Learning Sessions

Learning Session Description
Presentation Skills Presentation skills is the number one business skill. The ability to stand on your feet and make a credible presentation is now an essential part of business. But more than that, in business we are communicating with others every working day. Whether it is formally standing up, sitting around a meeting table or just talking to someone at their desk, we are, to different degrees, presenting. This course covers the skills needed to make an effective stand up presentation (usually the most effective way to present, but always the most difficult to get right). However, the skills are transferable and this course will enhance presenting ability in meetings and even one-to-one.
Relationship Selling Everyone knows that selling their products and services is essential to business success - yet many have a negative mind-set towards it. They don't want to get involved! This course challenges 'can't do / won't do' attitudes and shows delegates how to recognise selling opportunities, promote themselves through relationship building with the prospective client and structure a selling meeting to gain the work.
Negotiating Skills In our experience, many people feel uncomfortable about asking for a better deal, and therefore fail to ask! They are missing one of the easiest ways of contributing to the bottom line. This course covers recognising and acting upon negotiating opportunities, adopting a win-win strategy (vital for maintaining productive business relationships) structuring negotiations for competitive advantage, closing the deal and using (and defending yourself against) negotiating gambits.
Personal Organisation We all know that the better organised we are, the more efficiently we will work. However, how often do we take the time to consider whether we are processing our work as efficiently as we might? Are we subjecting ourselves to increased levels of stress and compromising our relationships at work and at home? This course gives you simple, practical rules to apply to your physical working environment, your work management and how you manage your time. We do not sell or promote expensive time management systems: rather we show you how to work more effectively with nothing more than a few plastic folders! It is not enough to be busy. The question is: what are you busy about?