Delivering business benefit with 4i.

Our innovative 4i approach to learning recognises the need to continue to deliver effective learning when budgets are tight. We combine the flexibility & cost savings of blending face-to-face learning with modern internet delivery, but unlike other training providers, we don't stop there. Our 4i programmes also provide individual goal setting, ongoing expert & peer support to help learners apply new skills at work, individual assessment of performance improvement on completion of the programme & again, after three months. Uniquely, we provide you with the information to assess your return on investment both immediately & in the longer term.

How does 4i deliver benefit ?

Simply put, the 4i approach mixes both on-line and face-to-face learning to get the best combination of expert support and knowledge/skills acquisition while ensuring that training costs are matched by results. The 4i approach is the first personal performance development system to provide ....

  1. Face-to-face assessment and Inspiration for change.
  2. Flexible blended face-to-face and on-line learning.
  3. Expert and peer support to implement new skills in the workplace.
  4. Measurement of performance improvement with comprehensive 'return on investment' reports.


Inspire, Inform, Implement, Improve


4i Learning Programmes

Learning Programme Description
Relationship Selling

90 minutes tutor-led learning - 64 minutes online video learning - 120 minutes application learning.

How to ‘sell’ a product, service or idea in a meeting.

Create a positive impact. Analyse needs. Present solutions. Promote benefits. Overcome objections empathetically. Gain commitment for further action. Increase awareness of how you are perceived by others. Recognise your contact’s preferred style and adapt your approach accordingly.

Presentation Skills (Double Programme)

2 x 90 minutes tutor-led learning - 180 minutes online video learning - 2 x 120 minutes application learning.

How to verbally present information to others, either one-to-one or to a large group, by communicating clearly, confidently and persuasively.

Programme 1. Identify a strong objective. Understand the audience’s needs. Identify key messages and formulate an effective strategy. Structure content for clarity and easy comprehension.

Programme 2. Create a positive impact, from the first words spoken. Overcome nerves. Deliver messages with variety and gravitas. Use PowerPoint and other visual aids effectively. Use stories and examples to add interest and credibility.

Negotiating Skills

90 minutes tutor-led learning - 45 minutes online video learning - 120 minutes application learning.

All things in life are negotiable, both material and emotional. This course will give you the skills and techniques to negotiate effectively.

Identify and act upon negotiating opportunities. Establish negotiating parameters. Use a win-win strategy to get the best outcome and build stronger relationships. Structure negotiations to obtain your desired outcome. Decide when and how to close the negotiation. Use (and defend yourself against) negotiating gambits.

Personal Organisation & Time Management

90 minutes tutor-led learning - 53 minutes online video learning - 120 minutes application learning.

This course shows you how to get more from your day by providing the techniques and motivation to make a measurable difference.

Create an environment that allows you to work at maximum efficiency.

Introduce systems to effectively control and prioritise the management of your work. Manage your work to maximise your ‘return on investment’. Organise yourself and your time to feel in control of your day. Deal with distracting interruptions. Improve your ‘work / life balance’. Establish strategies to stop you slipping back into your ‘old ways’ of working.


A summary of 4i Advantages

  • 90-days unlimited individual support from programme leader.
  • 90-days unlimited individual access to learning material via streaming video.
  • Application Workshops to facilitate peer input in applying the skills to each learner’s work environment.
  • Flexible ongoing learning can be accessed at a time and place to suit each individual.
  • Fully managed programme - We organise everything for you, deal with all administration and monitor learner's progress throughout the programme duration.
  • Individual assessment of performance improvement upon completion of the programme and again, after three months. Comprehensive 'Return on Investment' reports supplied.
  • No administration, travelling or accommodation costs - or carbon footprint.
  • All online learning activity automatically tracked & recorded via our Learning Management System.
  • Minimal disruption to the working day.


Course Costs

£2500 per programme for up to 10 delegates.
Each additional delegate only £99.
This fee is fully inclusive and includes all travelling costs and expenses for programmes held in the UK. All fees subject to VAT @ 20%